Guatemala Photo of the Day – A New Day, A New Vantage Point

This picture was taken Monday morning on the hike from out house to German Espana’s house where we ate all our meals.

Walking down the dirt road, I caught this view over the roof of a nearby house. The view captures a small glimpse of the village I love so much. You can see a radio antenna in the distance surrounded by various homes and buildings in the village below. The electric pole just beyond the house is a reminder of the electricity strung throughout the village. The homes don’t use nearly the same amount of electricity that we use here in the United States. And the wiring methods wouldn’t pass most township inspections here.

But there is light.

I reminder of The Light casting His glow of hope on Xenacoj.

As we started our first workday on this trip, this picture reminds me of the new day and new perspective I gained this year by traveling back.

Sometimes we need to get a new vantage point to gain a fresh perspective.