Group Life Conference Follow-Up Post #1

My last breakout session of the conference was on Transformational Discipleship led by Greg Ogden (see my previous post). Greg showed a clip from the movie below to show us how discipleship relationships in in groups of three or four could radically change the world. Think about it. I get together with two or three other people. We hang out with each other for 9-18 months – studying, growing, more and more becoming Christ followers. After 9-18 months, the three or four of us start up new triads or quads set up to intentionally study, grow, and follow. Suddenly, we’ve got 9-16 people who have been transformed. But that’s not the end. These 9-16 people do it all over again. 9-16 becomes 27-64 transformed people. Then again. 27-64 people become 71-256 transformed people. Then again. 71-256 people become 213-1024 transformed people. You get the point. Why do you think Jesus started with just a few…?


What do you think?