Getting Rid of the Gorilla

I’m excited about a new book (and study guide) that hit the streets this week. The book is entitled Getting Rid of the Gorilla, and it is written by the senior pastor at our church Brian Jones. I’ve read several clips from this book when I had the opportunity to give feedback on the study guide. This is Brian’s second book, and I’m sure you won’t want to miss it. The books primary topic is forgiveness. Don’t tell me that you’ve never struggled with this topic. You can order the book on line at, or I’m pretty sure they will have it at our church’s ticket booth.

Here’s what Standard Publishing’s website had to say about the book:

Living with an unforgiving heart is like living with a gorilla. The beast follows you everywhere. He squeezes marriages. He stinks up friendships. He growls at family gatherings and beats his chest at church. An unforgiving heart ruins relationships, affecting everyone and everything you touch. Maybe you’ve tried and failed to forgive someone who’s hurt you. Maybe you aren’t sure you even want to try. In these confessions from Brian Jones’s own struggle, find hope and strength for finally getting rid of the gorilla in your life.

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