Encouraged By You

This week has been a STRETCHING week to say the least as our family and our church has served in the community though Servefest.  My post on Thursday was about finite disappointment and infinite hope.  I just had to share the encouraging comments that came through from The Stretched Community.  Thank you so much!  This is one of the things I love about the blog world.

  • TJ “It’s hearing other people’s stories–both when they’re waiting to see their hope fulfilled or are already enjoying a victory–that inspire me, as well as hearing God’s promises. He’s able to do more than we could ask or think, and I’m praying that He does that for you guys.”
  • Ngina Otiende  “Your post brings Ephesians 6 to mind “..having done all, to stand.” I am praying for you and the team and elderly lady. As you stand, God will work the situation to His glory.”
  • Jessica Bufkin  “And I need to lean on this hope despite the huge disappointment. I pray that the actions taken so far would not be a waste of time, energy, and money.” I don’t think serving others for Kingdom purposes is ever wasted. Grateful for the hope we have that He is near and He hears and sees us, and praying for clarity for all of you.”
  • Michael Shaw  “What keeps me going? Debby, Family, friends, faith, a miracle of God, taking each day one day at a time.

    I hope the elderly woman you wrote about gets the help she needs and deserves.

    I have a thought for you my friend from my perspective, which I know is somewhat different.

    It is true that in this world there is poverty that is almost completely beyond help, despair that is beyond help, illness that is beyond help, loneliness and isolation that are beyond help, and evil that cannot be rectified, or at least easily.

    There is no bottom to human need. It is infinite. But think about this: If it were not like this, there would be no faith in God, because the world would be finite. We humans could solve all our own problems and have no reason for faith in God.

    Even as reality is, there are a lot of nonbelievers.

    So there is a blessing in this endless, infinite need. It establishes our need for God and enables us to reach out to Him.”

  • Kathy Krueger  “If your goal has been to serve ‘the least of these’ with the sacrificial love of Christ, being His hands and His feet, then nothing has been wasted. What is a sacrifice after all? What is worship? They took the best lambs and instead of feeding the hungry with them they ‘wasted’ them by burning them on the altar, just as the woman ‘wasted’ the expensive perfume by pouring it on Jesus’ feet. Nothing poured at Jesus’ feet is ever wasted.”
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    ddkays  “God and prayer…couldn’t do a thing without it!”
  • David Ramos “Beautiful explanation of MLK’s quote. For me – vitamins and prayer, that’s what keep me moving.

    Hope your prayers are answered!”

  • Tammy Helfrich  “It will not be a wasted effort. You never know how God will use what you’ve all done.”