Book Review: Leadership is Dead – How Influence Is Reviving It

I recently finished reading Jeremie Kubicek’s new book, Leadership is Dead – How Influence Is Revising It, and I would definitely recommend this book to leaders who want to leave a legacy that out lives themselves.  Kubicek contrasts the leadership of those who are self-preserving and those who are self-fulfilling.  He outlines very clearly how a leader can have a much more positive and significant impact on others by giving themselves away to serve others.

It seems fairly basic, but these are concepts that every leader needs to hear again.  I know that I was challenged in my leadership at work, at church, and at home to be intentional and purposeful in serving others and providing positive influence.  I was also challenged with the fact that I need to make sure I’m plugging into people who can have a positive influence on me as a leader, husband, parent, friend, and Christ-follower.

Who is influencing you in a positive way?  Who are you investing in to be a positive influence?