Book Review: At The Crossing Of Justice And Mercy by Dan Erickson

I read so many non-fiction books.  Sometimes, it can be refreshing to pickup fiction and to get pulled into the story.  That’s exactly what happened to me when I read the latest from Dan Erickson.

I’ve mentioned Dan’s book here on the blog in a couple of recent posts.  While I was on vacation, I had the chance to finish his second book, At the Crossing of Justice and Mercy.

At The Crossing continues the story of Andy Burden as he discovers that the leader of a cult he had grown up in was still alive.  Andy’s past abuse that came at the hands of cult leader, Peter Smith, led him to a struggle with forgiveness (for more about this, you should check out Dan’s first book, A Train Called Forgiveness – see my review here).  After some time, he is able to move on with his life.  In the current setting of the story, Andy has become a single father and a college professor.  But there’s something about his past that he just cannot completely reconcile.

I don’t want to give away the whole story, but I will tell you that it left me awake and thinking for quite a while – thinking about justice and mercy.  The end of the story is action packed and thought-provoking.  In addition, At The Crossing left me ready and excited to read the final book of this trilogy.  I can’t wait!

If you’re looking for a story that will pull you in and make you think, I’d recommend you pick up a copy of At The Crossing Of Justice And Mercy.  It will leave you thinking about justice and mercy – two great topics to ponder!

What was the last piece of fiction that you read?  What fictional story would you recommend to The Stretched Community?