And In This Corner…

Over the past couple of months, I have really been wrestling through what it means to be a leader – particularly as it relates to leading in a church related ministry. This has not at all been an easy journey for me. In fact, it has been down right painful much of the time. I have lost sleep. I have lost hope at times. I have lost confidence. I have lost trust. I’m not done wrestling yet – I’m sure of that, but I am learning some great things. Today, I was struck by a blog post by Chris Johnson that talks about the difference between good leadership and bad leadership. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

Good leadership vs. Bad Leadership:

1. Passionate about one’s job vs. It is just a job
2. Values one’s team vs. Has employees
3. Knows one’s team vs. Should not be personal at work
4. Takes time to develop their strengths vs. Focuses on their weakness
5. Gives people a chance to fail vs. Controls every decision
6. Takes time to reward good work vs. It is their job
7. Leads team to believe they are the heart and sole of the organization vs. Only the boss matters
8. Spends time learning how to be a better leader vs. Got it all figured out
9. Creates a fun working environment vs. All work no play
10. Secure vs. Insecure
11. Admits mistakes vs. Blames the employees or organization
12. Confrontational vs. Ignore problems hoping they will go away

Like I said, I thought this post was very appropriate to my current condition. I truly want to be a good leader – not in the eyes of man – but in the eyes of God. I want to make a difference. I want to feel like my efforts and actions are worthwhile.

I should also mention that one of the things that has encouraged me lately is the Word. Specifically, I have been returning to I and II Timothy. So far, I’ve been reminded that above all else – Christ has got to be my focus.

More to follow…