90 Day Thank You Note Challenge – Week 2

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Today is Thank You Thursday!

It’s week 2 of the 90 Day Thank You Note Challenge.

If you haven’t committed, it’s not too late.  Go to the original post by clicking here to see how you can jump on the Thank You Revolution bandwagon.

How did week 1 of the challenge work out for you?  Did you send a thank you note?  Did you hear back from the recipient?  How did they respond?

Developing an attitude of gratitude takes practice.

As I was thinking about this week’s Thank You Thursday post, I kept coming back to the phrase – Attitude of Gratitude.

Do you think an attitude of gratitude comes naturally?

I’m not so sure.  I think most of us are selfish and self-centered by nature.  It takes intentionality to break free from the chains of selfishness.  I think it takes practice.  This is why I believe in the 90 Day Thank You Note Challenge.  It’s not just about doing something cool to start the new year.  It’s not about bringing fame and fortune to my blog or to Matt McWilliams.  And it’s not about making a name for yourself.

The 90 Day Thank You Note Challenge is all about helping you develop a pattern of appreciation for others.  It’s about fostering a discipline which leads to an attitude of gratitude.

In the weeks to come (maybe even this week), you may not feel like writing a thank you note.  You need to push passed this feeling and write a thank you note to someone in your life who is deserving.  Who will it be this week?

What helps you to have an attitude of gratitude?