5 Reasons To Start Your Own Blog

To blog or not to blog?  That is the question.

I don’t know the exact stats, but if I had to guess I’d say that 50% of the people who follow my blog do not have their own blog.  They are either friends or family, or they somehow linked into The Stretched Blog by chance.

People (who aren’t bloggers) often ask me how I do it and why I do it day after day.  I’ll admit there is definitely a discipline that develops when someone decides to blog on a consistent basis.  I often hear people say that they could never do that – write their own blog.

I’ve been working on updating my About page which has me thinking about my reasons for blogging.  Obviously, I have personal reasons for writing The Stretched Blog, but I think that there are many reasons for you to consider starting your own blog.  Here’s a list of five good reasons:

  1. Blogging forces you to think.  My brain is usually spinning with work and family focused functions.  It can be easy to limit my brain to my daily routines and responsibilities of work and home.  Blogging taps a part of my brain that might normally get less of a workout.
  2. Blogging helps you remember.  Life happens so fast.  I seem to have an easy time remembering the more trivial stuff of life like when the Phillies won the last World Series and who won the last season of American Idol.  Blogging helps me to remember the things in life that really matter.  In my blog, I try to relate the real experiences of life to growth and stretching.  I can look back through the Archives of my blog and recall all the times God has stretched me.
  3. Blogging gives you a chance to encourage others.  In Hebrews 10, we are called to spur each other on towards love and good deeds.  I hope that my blog is a place that encourages others to stretch.  People will relate to your life experiences and the lessons you are learning along the way.  A blog is a perfect place to share these experiences – not just for you – but for others as well.
  4. Blogging provides an opportunity to meet new people.  I am blown away by the community of people I’ve met through my blog.  I’ve met Larry from Tennessee, Dustin from California, Chad from Arizona, Brandon from Florida, Dan from Washington, Eileen from Georgia, and so many others.  This tribe of people has encouraged me to stretch and expand my thinking.  They’ve provided great ideas and helped to promote my blog.
  5. Blogging can be a significant part of leaving your legacy.  I suppose you could make your blog private which is okay, but I’m hoping my blog provides a record of me after I’m gone to family and friends.  I hope that they will see a man who embraces the stretch and who wants to bring glory to God.  Your blog is a unique place for you to tell others about you.  You have something to say.  You have something worth sharing.  Let your blog become part of your legacy.

Do you blog?  Why?  What’s your blog about?  Share a link to your blog.  If you don’t blog, why not?  What’s stopping you from starting your own blog?  How can I help you get started?