33 Reasons To Say Thank You

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It’s Thank You Thursday, and we are coming to the end of the 2nd month of the 90 Day Thank You Note Challenge.  One more month to go!

Do you need some new ideas for writing a thank you note?  Today’s post should get you thinking.

33 Reasons To Say Thank You

Helped with your homework

Stayed late to complete a project on time

Encouraged you to take a leap of faith

Washed the dishes without being asked

Gave you a ride

Watched your dog while you were on vacation

Washed your car

Walked you through a computer problem

Proof read your English paper, book project, or blog post

Fixed a broken appliance

Prepared a delicious meal for you

Went grocery shopping for your family

Visited you in the hospital

Donated to your missions trip fundraising

Held the door open for you

Warned you about an oncoming obstacle

Babysat your children

Carried your groceries to your car

Listened to you when you were down

Responded with grace when you messed up

Paid for your coffee

Took your place, so you could do something else

Gave you a gift

Prayed for you

Commented on your blog

Introduced you to a new friend

Helped you get a new job

Shoveled the snow off your driveway

Assisted with a home improvement project

Brought you to a new place

Stretched you and helped you grow

Hung out with you when you just needed a friend

Just because

What other reasons can you think of to say thank you to someone?