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      What’s On Your iPod?

      Late last year, Leanne and the kids gave me an iPod Touch.  I have really enjoyed having this device.  I’ve used it to play a few games, to listen to music, and even to help with tracking my weight loss plan.  I love listening to podcasts on my iPod.  Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts (so far):

      1.  The Dave Ramsey Show

      2.  1 Year Daily Audio Bible

      3.  APM:  A Prairie Home Companion

      4.  The RELEVANT Podcast

      5.  Mosaic

      6.  Central Christian Church

      7.  They Might Be Giants

      8.  Focus on the Family:  Focus on Marriage

      9.  Brian Jones Uncut

      10.  Catalyst Podcast

      Do you listen to podcasts?  Which ones are your favorites?