Until Further Notice – Keep Going

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Winston Churchill

When I came home from work last night, I honestly felt warn out and depleted of energy and life. I would chalk this feeling up to the reality that my work week had been extremely challenging. I think many resonate with the feeling that the past several weeks of the COVID-19 crisis seem more like a few years.

I’ve run three full-length marathons in my life. 26.2 miles seems so easy when you are driving your car, but this distance can be grueling when you are on foot. I remember wanting to give up in the middle of each of those marathons. During the first marathon in Philadelphia, I wanted to give up around mile marker 21 when my right quadriceps muscle cramped up leaving me in quite a bit of pain. During the second marathon in Baltimore, I wanted to give up around mile marker 14 when my IT band decided it didn’t enjoy running very much leaving me to hobble along for 12 more miles. During the third marathon in New York City, I remember simply wanting the whole thing to be over despite running on healthy legs.

In each marathon, I kept going. It wasn’t always easy. It wasn’t always pretty. But it was worth it. I remember crossing the finish line in each of the three marathons. The feelings were all a bit different, but there was a sense of accomplishment knowing I had persevered in spite of the pain and fatigue.

We are all navigating a time in which we’d like to give up. But now is the time to keep going.

The apostle James reminds us (in James 1) that trials eventually lead us to maturity. When we face times of crisis, we can give up or we can press on knowing we will grow through the experience.

Until further notice, don’t give up. Keep going!

Prayer: In the midst of adversity, give us the courage and the strength to persist. Remind us of the prize that waits for us at the finish line.

Ponder & Discuss: How are you handling your crisis? What helps you to keep going? (Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.)

Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

James 1:4 (NIV)