Top 10 Things NOT To Do On An Airplane

With the terrorism on airplanes over the past several years and the heightened security, air travel has become less enjoyable.  Following our recent trip to Dallas, TX, I was thinking of a more humorous list of things NOT to do on an airplane.  Here’s what I came up with:

1.  Get up to go to the bathroom as soon as the plane takes off.  (Don’t you know that the fasten seat belt light is still on?)

2.  Ring the call button every ten minutes.

3.  When the flight attendant comes to check on you point to someone else in your row.  (“I didn’t press the button.”)

4.  Yell “Quiet” or “Shut Up” whenever you hear a baby crying.

5.  Aisle bowling.  (Wouldn’t this be fun though?)

6.  Stand up and shout, “Chinese Fire Drill!”

7.  Clog the toilet in the airplane bathroom.

8.  Move your seat back and forth over and over again.

9.  Order a drink that is not in the list of available beverages.  (“Can I have a decaf caramel latte?”)

10.  Pretend you’re Alec Baldwin and refuse to stop playing Words with Friends after the warning to put away all electronic devices.  (This is a fast way to be removed from the plane.)

I’m sure you have some more items that could be added to the list.  Share them here!