Ten New Olympic Event Ideas

Last night, I caught the last twenty minutes of the U. S. Olympic Swimming Trials that were televised on NBC. I love the Olympics. Four years ago, I made the mistake of committing to a no TV for a month challenge that just so happened to coincide with the summer Olympics in China. This time around, I’ll miss the first week or so while I’m in Guatemala. Oh well.

As I was thinking more about it, I was thinking how much fun it would be fun to come up with ten new Olympic events for this year’s summer games in London. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Texas Hold ‘Em – This popular card game gets serious as “athletes” from around the world compete for the some real gold.
2. Horseshoes – Can’t you see this catching on?  It’s better than hand grenades.
3. Lawn Darts – If curling can make it during the winter Olympics, lawn darts could become the rage of the 2012 summer games.
4. Checkers – Imagine the commentary… “Svenson from Sweden double jumps Hernandez from Mexico for the king.”  Talk about exciting!
5. Words with Friends – You know you’d watch this “sport.”  The only problem is the language barrier.
6. Hot Dog Eating – Sponsored by Nathan’s and Oscar Mayer…Jimmy Chestnut is the early favorite to take the gold.
7. Geocaching – Our family enjoys this “sport”.  I’m sure it would be quite popular with the Brits.
8. Texting – Fifteen year old Samantha “Quick Fingers” Smith is the promising entry from the United States team.
9. Wii Bowling – Medals are given out in four categories: men, women, children, and families.
10.  Dutch Oven Cooking – Sony teams up with Cabela’s to sponsor this event.  Sony uses the sponsorship as an opportunity to demonstrate their new smell technology television sets.

Sounds like fun!  What other ideas do you have for new Olympic events?

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