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      Take Time To Avoid Derailing From The Right Track


      We are nearly one-quarter of the way through the year.

      Did you set goals at the beginning of the year?

      Are you still on target to meet your goals?  Or have you begun to fall off the tracks?

      If you are like most people, your goals are most likely in jeopardy of falling by the wayside if you don’t do something now to refocus.

      I can say this, because I feel this way about my goals right now.  I started off with the best of intentions, and I’ve been able to stay on track for the most part with what I started out to accomplish this year.  However, I can feel the pressure of work and family demands.  My energy level is starting to dwindle as I cope with longer hours at work and busy evenings.

      I want to stay on track, but there is also a rising tendency to just let things go.

      It can become easy to let yourself get distracted at times like this.  I’m facing this even as I prepare today’s post.

      There are times when it may be a good thing to let go of some of your man-made goals, but I also believe that many of the targets we set at the beginning of the year are still worth pursuing.

      We must fight to stay on track!

      We must regain the excitement of going after the goals we set in late December or early January.  This applies to our fitness targets, our financial targets, our family targets, and our faith targets.

      Take time today to review your 2015 goals.  What needs to go?  And what is worth keeping?  Now get back on track and keep your eyes focused on the prize ahead.

      OnTrack3dCover04132014If you are looking for encouragement on your journey to stay on track, check out my book, On Track: Life Lessons from the Track & Field.  The book is available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

      In regards to your 2015 goals, how are you doing?  What step can you take today to get back on track?