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Today, I’m guest posting as part of The Network for Deborah Anderson at her blog, Faith, Fiction, and Unvarnished Truth.  In my post (Sensational), I share some thoughts about what it means to merit great public interest and excitement.  Here’s an excerpt to get you started.

The events of the last week had many of us glued to our televisions, radios, newspapers, and news websites. Every twist and turn in the Boston Marathon Bombing was broadcast through the news and amplified through social media until Friday night when the second bombing suspect was captured. I’ll admit it. I was sucked into the story.


The story was sensational. The Boston Marathon Bombing caused great public interest and excitement.


What other events come to mind when you think of the word sensational?


I think of the Space Shuttle accidents, September 11th, the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, the death of Princess Diana, the wedding of Prince William and Catherine, the Super Bowl, natural disasters, and presidential elections.


In our media saturated world, it’s easy to quickly sensationalize an event. Within moments, people around the world know about events happening on the other side of the planet. It’s a natural human response to place our attention on these types of events. (Click here to read the rest of this post.)

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When you think of the word sensational, what comes to mind?