Remembering Dan Herbert

Last night, Leanne and I went over to Dresher to be at the memorial service for one of my co-workers, Dan Herbert. Dan Herbert was a great guy, and there were so many things shared last night that I don’t want to forget. Perhaps, you will be motivated, encouraged, and inspired as well:

Dan was first and foremost a servant of God. He lived this out through his generosity, his behind the scenes service to others, and his committed faith.

Dan always put his wife (Eda) in the place of honor. He taught his three boys to respect their mother, and he always made sure that after God, Eda was first.

Dan was committed to his family. He parented each of his three boys differently, because they are all different. He put their activities at a high priority. He always did his best to be at track meets, scout meetings, youth events, graduations, etc.

Dan was always available. Dan had an open door policy at work and in life. From the sounds of it, there were always people over at the Herbert’s house, and Dan was always available for a phone call from a friend. I experienced this in my own life. At least twice, Dan took time away from his busy schedule to take me out to lunch to discuss some of my own career wrestlings and projects.

Dan was not a quitter. Even as he faced his illness (pancreatic cancer), he laid out a plan for how he would face the illness – not just from a healing standpoint, but from a family and legacy standpoint.

Dan was an affirmer, a motivator, an encourager, and an inspiration. This was Dan. It’s hard to explain it more directly, but Dan was every one’s biggest fan and cheerleader. He wanted the best for everyone in which he came in contact – at work, at church, in the neighborhood, at home.

Dan knew the love of Christ and wanted others to know that same love. It is so hard to see someone like Dan leave this earth earlier than expected. It seems unfair that his family and friends will miss out on more of what Dan brought to the table every day. The message of the gospel was quite loud and clear as we heard about and celebrated Dan’s life last night. My prayer is that this aspect of Dan’s life will continue on through lives that have been changed just by knowing Dan.

It truly was an honor to know Dan Herbert. He will be missed.