Quick Update from Guatemala

Good evening!

We just returned back to our compound from a day of hard work at the site of the home.  We made incredible progress today.  When we started the day there was nothing but a slab floor.  By the end of the day the house had four exterior walls, three interior rooms, three windows, one door, roof trusses, and electrical roughed in.  The team worked really hard and worked quite well as a team.  I’m having a blast!

So, here’s my question for the day (it’s been running around in my head since yesterday):  Would you consider a blogger meet-up in Guatemala to build a house together?  Seriously!

(I’ll post more later – probably when I get home about my thoughts and experiences along with some pictures.  But this gives me a chance to fill you in.  There’s far more to process than I have time to document here right now.)