Sunday Morning Reflection from Guatemala

Good morning from Guatemala!

It’s Sunday morning.  We’re all just finishing up breakfast.  We’ll have morning devotions in a few minutes.  Then we’ll head out to the house site to finish up the house.  These three days will dramatically change this families life – as it is changing the lives of those on our team.

This afternoon, we’ll head to Guatemala church.  I hear the services are four hours long.  This should be an adventure as well.

Last night, Adam asked me a question that has me thinking.  I answered the question the best I could in the closing hours of the day, but it is still a question that will go with me today.

“How’s your spiritual life these days?  What does that look like?”

It’s easy to feel “high” when you are on a trip like this, but how does that translate to the rest of my life.  In less than a week, I’ll be returning home to the normal “routines” of life.  I want to live a spiritually fervent life whether I’m serving in Guatemala or leading at my job or going through the normal happenings of our family.

I’m so thankful for Adam and his challenging questions.  We need people in our lives to ask us these introspective questions.

So how about you, how’s your spiritual life these days?