A Peak Inside My Mastermind Group


Ellory-Wells-show-logo-300px-lossyRecently, I had the privilege of being on the “Hot Seat” in my Mastermind Group.  When it’s my turn to be on the Hot Seat, other members of the group provide input on a business problem, challenge, or idea I am facing.  I’ve had the opportunity to be on the Hot Seat before, but this time was different.  My fellow mastermind group members encouraged me and pushed me to consider STRETCHING myself even further in my pursuit of helping others.  And the conversation demonstrated to me the power of plugging into others who can collaborate with you.

Normally, these mastermind sessions are kept private.  We sometimes share information that is only meant for those in our group.  This time, we gave our facilitator (Ellory Wells) permission to re-purpose our time together for his podcast (The Ellory Wells Show).

When I listened to this podcast episode, I was encouraged and inspired all over again.  And I’d like to give you the opportunity to listen in on our conversation.  Click here.

(The other voices you hear in the conversation belong to Matthew Lovell and Amy RoblesYou should check them out!)

As a result of this conversation, I am considering the possibility of starting my own mastermind group for husbands and fathers.  I haven’t figured out the details yet, but I’m starting to gather names of prospective mastermind members.  If this is something that interests you, sign up below.  I’ll get back to you as details become clear.  Thanks!