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      Pay It Forward

      Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Eastern PA. I used a good portion of the day to “pay it forward” to one of my neighbors. I haven’t seen the movie (Pay It Forward), but my understanding is that the movie expresses how good will towards others can be contagious.

      A good friend of mine (Dave Freed) and I decided to help out an older gentlemen up the street. He recently received an electronic wheel chair that allows him to get around quite a bit easier. The problem for him is that he couldn’t get the chair up to his deck and main living floor do to four steps. So Dave and I built George a ramp yesterday.

      I hesitate slightly to share this story here, because I don’t want my actions yesterday to be self promoting; however, I’m convinced that good will really is contagious. I hope that it will spur me on towards more love and good deeds, and maybe you’ll be challenged as well to perform a “random act of kindness” today. When was the last time you did something expecting nothing in return?

      This morning, I am refreshed knowing that I helped to brighten the day of someone else.

      Until the next post, let’s look for ways to pay it forward…