On Purpose

on purpose

I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose.

David Livingstone

It’s a bitter-sweet day in our house today.  In less than an hour, we will be visited by someone who will take away a “family member” from our house.

We say goodbye to Rio this morning.

Rio is a 15 month old golden retriever/yellow labrador puppy dog, and he is moving onto the next stage of his adventure. If all goes well, he will be matched with a blind person after his official training at The Seeing Eye.

This is his purpose.

As I swept up his hair which seems to be all over the house right now, I couldn’t help but think about purpose.  Rio’s purpose is more than shedding hair all of our house.  It’s more than chasing our forever dog (Iso) around the house.  And his purpose is more than staying here as our family pet.

Rio was created with a purpose in mind – to give sight and freedom to those who are visually impaired.

Many of us go through life simply trying to survive.  We check the next thing off our to-do-list.  We head to the next appointment.  We wake up.  We chase after things that typically don’t matter that much.  We try to find happiness chasing various selfish pursuits.  We eventually find our way back to bed where we sleep for a few hours before we do it all over again.  We give little thought to the fact that we were made on purpose and for a purpose.

Your purpose may not be obvious to you which means you have some work to do.  As I say goodbye to Rio today, I challenge you to pursue your purpose.  Don’t rest until you’ve discovered it.  Then do everything you can to live your life on purpose.

What is your purpose? What makes your heart sing? What were you made to do?