Meet Elizabeth Rose Stolpe

Here's a message from my brother.  They just got Elizabeth from China.
Hello everyone,
It is official. Yesterday we went to the Nanjing center for adoption affairs and we were handed a beautiful Xi Yan Xin,now Elizabeth Rose Stolpe. Today we completed our 24 hour trial period ( I know it sounds wierd) and we decided we would keep her ( Like we would have said no?) and we signed the Chinese adoption papers and now she is officially our daughtert.  More paper work to come for travel and immigration into the US. She is beautiful and calm and content and giggles and smiles at daddy and Sam. She calls Rachel mama and loves my beard. She has a cough and an ear infection, made worse by the bad air quality, but we put her on an antibiotic and she already seems to be doing better. Getting back to the clean air of Wisconsin will be good for her. She is really tiny, maybe 17 pounds or so. Eliza is easy going and very fun. She loves to eat though.

We have all had a great time in China, but now that we have elizabeth we just want to come home. But we still have a week and a half before everything is finalized. I will tell you all about it when I am home, or you can check out the blog at .

Thank you all,