May 2012 Top Posts and Commenters

May was another record-breaking month for the Stretched blog. Overall traffic increased 11.26% from last month’s previous record high.  In addition, the Jon Stolpe Stretched Facebook fan page has added several new followers over the past month.  The community and platform are growing, and I’m excited to see how God may use the Stretched Community to impact the world.

As always, I like to share the top posts for the past month.  Most of this month’s most popular posts were posted in May; however, one post from March continues to be at the top of the charts for this month.  Here are the top posts from May 2012:

1. The Power To Change A Family Tree (5/2/2012)
2. Leap Of Faith (3/21/2012)
3. Book Review: By Faith, Not By Sight by Scott MacIntyre (5/29/2012)
4. Writing – A Strange Discipline (5/24/2012)
5. My Mom (5/8/2012)
6. Ice Breaker – Star Wars (5/3/2012)
7. Perkiomen Valley Blogger’s Society (5/20/2012)
8. Ice Breaker – Questions For A Stretched Blogger (5/17/2012)
9. 10 Things To Avoid On Camping Trips (5/27/2012)
10. Foundations Class Starts Today (5/6/2012)

And here are the top commenters for May 2012:

1. Larry Carter (28)
2. Tom Tarver (19)
3. Joe Lalonde (15)
4. Michael Shaw (14)

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by and to everyone who left a comment.  Your readership, comments, and friendship mean the world to me. In the coming month, I will be looking for more ways to extend the Stretched Community and to broaden my platform.  I am looking to launch a contest for this month.  I am also looking for new opportunities to guest post around the blog world.  Finally, I will be starting to build a guest post backlog and interview backlog to post while I’m in Guatemala later this summer.  If you’re interested in guest posting here or participating in a Stretched interview, drop me a note in the comments so we can connect.

Thanks again for a great month.  Don’t forget to share The Stretched Blog with your family and friends.

If you’re a blogger, what was the top post on your blog this month? If you’re not a blogger, what was your favorite post here this month?