Ice Breaker – Walk-Up Music

It’s not Friday, so don’t get too excited.  I decided to move up this week’s Ice Breaker one day to make room for tomorrow’s May 2012 Review post.  This week’s question was inspired by my three camping buddies with whom I spent my Memorial Day weekend.  If you watch major league baseball these days, most players have a walk-up song that is used as they approach home plate for their at-bat.  Since I’m a Philadelphia Phillies fan, my examples come from the Phils.  Carlos Ruiz walks out to In The Air Tonight by Phil CollinsChase Utley walks out to Kashmir by Led Zepplin.  And Hunter Pence walks out to A Warrior’s Call by Volbeat.

I’d like to tie this into this week’s ice breaker question.  For those who are new around here, an ice breaker is a question that helps us get to know one another.  Each week, I ask a question which I answer in my post.  Then, it’s your turn to answer the question in the comments of the post.  Here is this week’s ice breaker:

Question:  What would you chose for your walk-up song or music?

My Answer:  The Theme from Chariots of Fire.  This way I could run from the on deck circle to the batter’s box in slow motion.  I know it’s not your typical rocking song, but this music by Vangelis is inspiring to me.  Then after I hit my home run, I could run around the bases in slow motion as the music comes back on over the public address system.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Let’s hear your answer to the question. Leave your answer in the comments below, so we can all enjoy.