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      Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

      This line from Forest Gump puts my day today in perspective.

      This morning, I started the day with a four mile run and a bowl of Life cereal. My day started out like a cup of hot chocolate – not too bad.

      I came home tonight after a “rough” day at work, a day where life seemed kind of like a chocolate stuffed with Exlax.

      Tonight; however, things turned around as I was treated to a rousing game of LIFE with my two wonderful kids. Despite being the games loser, I had a great time just spending time with two people who could care less about how much I can help them with their project. This was a great way to top off my day – more like a chocolate covered caramel.
      If you haven’t had the chance lately, take time to play a game with your family or friend.

      Until the next post….