Duct, Duct, Goose

Sometimes, I feel a little bit like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor

Last night, I arrived home from work to hear that it was a little warm upstairs. I ran down to the breaker to make sure a breaker hadn’t tripped; I went outside to make sure the condenser was running; I went upstairs to feel for cold air at the diffusers; and I poked my head up in the attic to see if anything looked funny. Besides, a few of the diffusers not blowing any air, everything seemed alright. The space just seemed warm.

Being in the engineering field (specifically in the HVAC controls field), you’d figure I’d get right down to it and get it fixed. Not so fast, I went downstairs, ate dinner, played a game with the kids, put them to bed, watched some TV; meanwhile, my brain is spinning. What could be causing this heat?

I decided to poke my head up in the attic one last time before hitting the sack at 10PM. It was then that I noticed that an entire branch of the ductwork had buckled and separated. Should I fix it now or wait until tonight? You guessed it. After dragging my tools up stairs, dodging the rafters, sweating off a few pounds, and putting my carpentry and HVAC skills to work, I finally came down from the attic at 11PM to a cooler upstairs. Oh what fun…

Until the next post (or Jon “The Toolman” incident)….
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