Knowing God So We Can Make Him Known

“We slander God by our very eagerness to work for Him without knowing Him.”  Oswald Chambers

“To know Him, and to make Him known…”

We can’t do the second part very well without the first part.  While I’m convinced God can use us despite our failings, I’m fairly confident He desires so much more.

A mission mindset starts with us going on a mission to know God.  This isn’t a one time event.  Knowing God is a daily pursuit.

Our mission first and foremost is the make sure there is nothing between us and God.  Only then will be able to serve Him and make Him known.  Along this journey, there will be times when we must fully rely on the strength of Christ.  This will happen when we’ve done the upfront work to know Him.

How are you getting to know God these days?

Dive down into this deeper by checking out Mark 9:14-32.