“I’m Hungry.” Hunger is relative.

Last night after a great weekend and wonderful evening with some friends, it was time to get the kids to bed before a four day week of school.  (I should note here that we topped off delicious meal with orange Crush and root beer floats.)  The kids were given specific instructions for getting ready for bed, and without delay one of our kids chimed in…”I’m hungry.”  Okay, so I realize that kids at this age must burn through calories at a rapid pace as they sprout up like weeds in my landscape, but come on.  We just had a big meal, and it was already time for bedtime.  To make matters worse, our child continued to whine and complain and whine and complain and whine and complain.  Does this sound familiar to any of you?

Leanne took the brunt of this episode as I was “Skyping” with my parents, but the pouting was still underway as I came up to say my good nights.

Leanne and I both shared with our child that we understand that feeling of hunger, but we also explained that many in the world experience a hunger far worse than that every night they lay down to sleep.  Where we’re going in Kenya, my guess is that many of the children who call the Mathare North slums home experience this feeling of hunger all the time.  This includes our sponsor child Jonathan.  After this discussion, we took time to pray for Jonathan and others in Kenya and around the world who are experiencing hunger.  We also were especially thankful for the blessings of food, shelter, safety, etc.  that so many in the world don’t get to experience.

It was interesting to see the change in heart.

…continually impacted by Kenya…