Ice Breaker – Peacemaker


Each week on The Stretched Blog, I ask an ice breaker question. The questions are designed to help us get to know each other here in The Stretched Community. I’ll provide my answer to the question here in the post, and then you can leave your response in the comments. While you’re in the comments section, see how others answered the ice breaker question.

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This past Sunday was the second Sunday of Advent.  Many churches around the world celebrated Advent by lighting this second candle.  The second candle represents PEACE.  This provides the inspiration for today’s Ice Breaker.  Be sure to read a few more comments after my answer to today’s question.  Then leave your answer in the comment.

Question:  Where do you need to make peace in your home, at your job, or in another area of your life?

My Answer:  This has the potential to be one of the deeper ice breaker questions.  In fact, it’s probably way past the threshold of breaking the ice.  I feel like I try to be a peacemaker in my home, but I could do a better job making peace by going to bat more often for my wife as she interacts with our kids.  We have entered the stage of parenthood where our kids are teenagers, and they are smarter than we are (at least that’s what they think).  Sometimes, my kids don’t follow through when they are asked by my wife to do things.  I could do a better job of backing her.

At my job, I feel like I am often called upon to be the peacemaker between my project managers and their customers when an impasse develops related to scope of work.  I like this aspect of my job as it often seems like I get to come in and save the day for one side or the other.

I often keep my thoughts to myself when it comes to some of the controversial social issues where there is conflict.  In some cases, this happens because I am not fully informed, and in other cases, it is simply to avoid further conflict.  More than anything, my responsibility as a Christ follower is to point people to the ultimate peacemaker.  When I speak up, I want to make sure this is where I’m directing people.

Many think of Advent as being a time to get ready for Christmas.  I guess it is to some degree.  We set up our nativity, our tree, and other decorations during this time.  But Advent was not really meant to focus on Christmas.  It is a tradition created to help us think about Christ coming again.  He is often referred to as the Prince of Peace – the ultimate peacemaker.

Answer this week’s ice breaker question by leaving a comment. I look forward to reading your response! (As always, feel free to share links.) And keep Stretching!