Ice Breaker – Earliest Childhood Memory

childhood memory ice breaker

Each week on The Stretched Blog, I ask an ice breaker question. The questions are designed to help us get to know each other here in The Stretched Community. I’ll provide my answer to the question here in the post, and then you can leave your response in the comments. While you’re in the comments section, see how others answered the ice breaker question.

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This week’s Stretched Ice Breaker is inspired by a question we have been talking about in our house this past week.  It’s been interested to hear our kids responses, and I’m looking forward to reading your response.

Question:  What is your earliest childhood memory?

My Answer:  If I try to remember my early childhood, I go back to my family’s first house on Illini Drive in Carol Stream, Illinois.  We lived in this house until I was 5 years old.  I remember birthday parties, climbing the big willow tree in the backyard, climbing in the attic of the dog house, and playing with my friends, Mark and Debbie.  I remember playing my Dad’s snare drum, making blanket trains in the living room, and setting up a Matchbox car track from the living room down the hallway.  I remember our dog, Snickers, licking empty ice cream containers in the kitchen, and I remember riding my bike for the first time without training wheels.  One of my earliest childhood memories though is when my brother, David, was born and came home from the hospital.  I don’t remember any of the particulars, but I remember things changing in the house as we all adjusted to his arrival.  I would have been 2 1/2 when he was born.

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