Ice Breaker – Back to the Future

Like I explained yesterday, I’m planning to keep things going on the NEW Stretched Blog (, so it’s that time of the week again…time for an ice breaker question!  One of my favorite movies of all-time is Back to the Future.  I’ve always been intrigued with the possibility of time travel, so today’s question has to deal with time travel.  For those of you who are new or who forgot, ice breaker questions are used to help people get to know each other – to “break the ice” so to speak.  I love hearing what other people have to say and how they think.  So for today, I’m excited to throw out another simple ice breaker question.  I’ll answer it first, then it’s your turn.  Answer the question by leaving a comment for us all to enjoy.  Thanks!

Question:  If you could go back in time (or forward), what time period would you like to experience?

My Answer:  Here you go….

I would only use this time machine if I knew for certain that I could return to right now.  I’m so thankful for where God has me right now.  So assuming this was secured, I would choose to go back to the 1950s.  This is the time period in which my parents grew up.  It would be interesting to see what they experienced.  What were the fads and trends?  What pressures were they up against as kids?  The cars were pretty cool back then.  It just seems like a more simple time frame.  The technology that we now experience wasn’t there which could be seen as a blessing or a curse.  They didn’t have the same distractions that we experience in 2012, but they also didn’t get to experience so many of the luxuries that we now take for granted.

On a personal note, I’d love to meet some family members who passed away before I was born.  I’d especially like to meet my great grandparents.

So there you have it, my answer to the question.  Now it’s your turn….I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say!

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