I Am Not Abandoned

Last Wednesday, I felt pretty alone.  I honestly felt abandoned by God.  I knew He existed, but I just didn’t see how in the world He could be doing anything in my life.  If you’ve been reading along over the past week, this revelation may be somewhat surprising.  I mean, I’ve blogged about God being my hope, God being my rock, and finding God in the mountains and valleys of life.  As I was going through some pretty tough stuff, a friend challenged me to stay close to God’s word in the midst of the turmoil that was surrounding me.  So that is what I’ve tried to do.  Believe it or not, it has helped.  I definitely feel and know that God is near.  That He is active in my life.  That He’s right here even as I type.

This evening as I was driving by myself.  I heard this song by Aaron Benward titled God’s Here.  It’s a good reminder that God is right here in the midst of whatever we’re going through.  God has not abandoned me.  (And He hasn’t abandoned you either).

Say don’t you think
We make things too complicated
What, what if, what if all
All we ever needed to know
Is we are not alone

God’s here
Watching us all
He’s near
Right where we are
So close your eyes
And let all your doubts disappear
God’s here
No, I don’t think

All of this just happens by chance
Wake up, look at the sky, the earth
Go watch the sunrise in the morning
Take a breath
And feel the moment
So good to be alive
Hello, it’s no surprise God’s here
He’s watching us all
He’s near
Oh, right where we are

And all our lives we’ve been runnin’ ’round and searchin’
When all this time He’s been standing right beside us
If we just close our eyes
And let all our doubts disappear
Oh, God’s here
God’s here