How Crazy Are Your Dreams?

How crazy are your dreams?

Over the weekend, Felix Baumgartner skydived from over 128,000 feet above the earth.  I don’t know the full story, but the video above captures the highlights.  This daredevil obviously had a crazy dream.  Who would every dream of jumping out of a weather balloon at the edge of the atmosphere with nothing more than a parachute and a space suit?

Our dreams don’t have to be that crazy, but how big are our dreams?

We were talking about this the other night at dinner as we discussed the parable of the talents.  Did you ever stop to realize that God has given us gifts to use and dreams to pursue?  Sometimes I think that we dream way too small.  As we were talking about it at our dinner table, we asked the question – what dreams has God-given us?

I commented that I have a dream to write a book someday.  My wife quickly responded that this dream seems rather small as that dream isn’t all that far off considering the amount of writing I do these days.  She challenged me to think bigger – to dream a crazier dream.

Okay, here goes.  I want to write a library of books – at least 10.  I want to build a village – not just one house in Guatemala.  I dream of being 100% debt free – including the mortgage.  I dream of making over two million dollars and giving most of it away.  I dream of leaving a legacy that goes way beyond my life time.  I dream of standing on top of Mt. Everest – of visiting Sweden – of showing people God’s love by the way I live everyday.

So often, I limit my dreams.  I become content with having three meals a day, living a comfortable life, and going through the motions and routines of everyday living.  I think life can be so much more than this.

I don’t think I’ll every jump out of a weather balloon over 20 miles from the earth’s surface, but I want to do things in my life that matter – that go beyond my hopes and wildest dreams – that leave a dent in this world.

God has not given us a spirit of fear. But he has given us a spirit of power and love and self-control.  2 Timothy 1:7

How about you?  How crazy are your dreams?

What are you doing to pursue your dreams?