Guatemalan Dreams


“Without a dream you’ll not get anywhere.” – Kofi Annan

Where would we be without the dreams of people?  The Wright Brothers dreamed of flying, and now we can fly around the world (or even into outer space).  Thomas Edison dreamed of creating a better light source, and now we can flip a switch and turn on lights in any room of our house.  James Salk dreamed of putting an end to polio, and now we live in a time when polio is not known.

Dreams aren’t just meant for big names and big things.

We can also dream.  In fact, following through on our dreams can be the catalyst for all kinds of exciting things and changes.

During my visit to Guatemala last month, I started writing down some of my dreams for Guatemala.  Sharing them is the first step in making some or all of these dreams a reality.

Guatemalan Dreams:

  • To build 100 homes in Guatemala (97 more to go!)
  • To come back to Guatemala more than once per year
  • To return to Xenacoj for the Christmas for Thousands
  • To bring a team from my office to Xenacoj
  • To bring a team of bloggers to Xenacoj
  • To bring a team made up of The Stretched Community to Xenacoj
  • To bring a team of families to Xenacoj
  • To bring a team of runners to Xenacoj
  • To bring a team made up of our H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everywhere) group to Xenacoj
  • To bring a team to Xenacoj on a regular basis to build homes and serve in other capacities
  • To learn Spanish
  • To gather tools and supplies to help teams build more homes
  • To correspond with German once a month via Skype
  • To keep coming to Guatemala as a family/couple.
  • To visit/serve in Xenacoj for ten to fifteen days in one visit
  • To have on-going relationships with the families who are getting the houses
  • To raise awareness in the United States of America for issues facing Guatemalans
  • To help Susie and German open their restaurant
  • To write a book about short-term missions and developing a mission mindset
  • To help move Guatemala from a third world country to a second or first world country
  • To help German start his church

This is just a start of my Guatemalan Dream list – I think.  Over the next few days, weeks, and even months, I plan to elaborate more on these dreams.  Will all these dreams come to fruition?  I don’t know.  But I know that any action and movement towards seeing these things realized starts with a dream.  I’m learning to dream again.  How about you?

What is one of your dreams?  What is one thing you can do today to make this dream more of a reality?