Guatemala Photo Of The Day – Smiles And Frisbees Are Universal

Leanne is a preschool teacher in the United States, so it’s not surprising that she would find connection with Rosita and her youngest brothers.

Going on a mission trip to a foreign country can be pretty scary.  Short-term missionaries often wonder how they will connect with the people they are serving.  They also wonder how their gifts might be used in a place that is not familiar to them.

Leanne expressed concern that she couldn’t speak Spanish and would struggle to connect with those in Xenacoj, but I think this picture shows that smiles and frisbees are universal.  Since returning home, Leanne has been taking Spanish at our local community college.  She will be taking her first written final exam in many years this week when she finishes up the class.  She is looking forward to continuing these studies, so she’s ready to talk with Rosita and the other children in the village our family has come to know and love.

What scares you about going to a foreign land?  How do you think your skills and gifts be used in a place like Xenacoj?