The Discipline Of Measuring Our Lives


If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Peter Drucker

I keep track of my daily exercise on a calendar.  I track my mileage.  I track the amount of time I exercise.  And I track the number of days I exercise as the year goes along.  With these measurements, I can determine if I’m on track to meet my fitness goals.  Recently, I started tracking my weight lifting on a smart phone application.  This helps me remember where I am, and it helps me see growth.

I keep track of my daily devotion time.  I write down the passages of scripture I read, and I take note of anything that stuck out to me.  I write these things down in my journal.

I keep track of our families financial status.  I keep it up to date on a spreadsheet, and I graph our progress to make sure we our on track to meet our financial goals.

I keep track of a lot of things at work.  I track the performance of my team members.  I track my daily schedule.  I track my customers response rate and satisfaction level.

Some people might think I’m a little crazy, but I think there is something powerful about the discipline of measuring our lives.

Measurement is a process of recording what is happening in our lives.  It’s the action of tracking what is going on, and it helps us see how we are being stretched.

Take time to measure what is going on around you!

How would your world be different if you made the decision to practice the discipline of measuring your life?  How has measurement made a difference in your life?