Guatemala Photo Of The Day – Finding Home In The Streets Of Xenacoj

Every day between 1PM and 3:30PM (or 4PM), we stopped for lunch and a siesta.  Our second working day, our family decided to use the siesta time to walk to the other side of town to visit a family we have come to know through our past visits to Xenacoj.  As we were walking down the street, we ran into Zully, the young daughter of the family.  She was heading home from school, and we happened to run into her walking along the road.

She was surprised to see us.  In fact, when she saw Hannah is was as if she had seen a ghost.  I know she remembered us from before, but I think she couldn’t believe we were back again for a visit.

Once our introductions were out of the way, Zully along with our kids walked ahead chatting on the way back to Zully’s house.