From The Mountain To The Valley – Life After Short-Term Missions


A short-term missions trip can provide a real mountain-top experience.  On a short-term missions trip, there is often a feeling of euphoria in getting to experience something different and so satisfying.  Who doesn’t want this feeling?

There is so much good that can happen as a result of a short-term missions trip (see 3 Changes That Happen When You Go On A Short-Term Mission Trip), but we must be careful.

We were not made to live on the mountain top.  We were made to live and exist in the village or valley at the bottom of the mountain.

We can experience God’s glory on the mountain top – while we are on a short-term missions trip, but this isn’t where we live for His glory.  We live for God’s glory in the humility of home.  This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to having a mission mindset.  It’s almost easier to serve God in the streets of a short-term missions trip that on the street where we live.

Choose to live for His glory today, right where you are!

How do you serve God when you get home?