Family Night – Trading Places


I took this picture last night during our Friday Family Night.  Yes, that’s Hannah, and she’s dressed up like me.  We took an idea from Carlos Whittaker and family, and we had a blast!  At the start of the evening, everyone drew names out of a hat.  Isaac drew Leanne’s name, and Leanne drew Isaac’s name.  Obviously, Hannah drew my name, and I drew Hannah’s name.  Then each of us had to dress up like the person whose name they drew.  It was absolutely hilarious when everyone came down to the kitchen wearing someone else’s clothing.  I think Hannah took the prize for the funniest.  From there, we each had to make a personal pizza that looked like our person.  Here’s a picture of my pizza that I made to look like Hannah.



Notice the smile, the rosy cheeks, and the earrings.  It was really neat to see everyone’s creativity.  While we were eating dinner, we each shared something that we appreciated about our person.  It was humbling to listen to each other as we shared.  I definitely recommend this activity as a family – whether or not you do all the other stuff.

After dinner, we baked sugar cookies and decorated them to look like our person.  It was a sweet way to end the evening.

For some more inspiration, check out the video that Carlos put together of his families’ family night.