Experience The Supernatural


When I was a child, I watched cartoons.  One of my favorite cartoons was Super Friends.  I liked watching the superheroes from the Hall of Justice work together with their different superpowers to fight evil.  My favorite character was Superman.  He was the leader of the Justice League, and his supernatural powers were pretty cool to a young kid.

Of all Superman’s superpowers, I always wanted to fly.  I can remember running down the hallway of my parents house from my bedroom into the living room.  Several feet from the couch, I would leap into the air towards the couch.  While I’m sure this wasn’t the greatest things for the springs on the couch, it was a fantastic experience for me.  For a very brief second, it felt like I was flying.

Today, the television and movie screens are filled with stories of the supernatural.  People are attracted to the supernatural.  They find ways to experience the supernatural through these movies and television shows.

What if I told you there was another way to experience the supernatural?

There is a supernatural aspect to truly having a mission mindset.

Serving others in our mission field is not natural without the grace of God.  And God’s grace is supernatural.  It’s what allows us to do things and to pursue relationship that would typically be beyond us.

If you truly want to experience the supernatural, follow Christ!

If you could have a supernatural superpower, what would it be?