Departing Thoughts and Prayers – Leaving for Guatemala Tomorrow

Last night, we had our last team meeting before we depart for Guatemala early (REALLY EARLY) Thursday morning.  (That’s tomorrow!!!)

Our leader and high school youth pastor, Adam, opened up the meeting by asking everyone what they were thinking and feeling as the trip is just about here.

It was interesting to hear responses from the kids and even some of the leaders as the trip is upon us.  Here are some of the things I heard:

  • “I’m nervous about not being able to communicate in Spanish with the kids.”
  • “I’m nervous about getting sick again.”
  • “I still need to pack.”
  • “I’m nervous about leaving my family.”
  • “I’m so excited!”

It’s kind of interesting to hear some of these thoughts.  If I’m honest, I share many of these thoughts and anxieties.  I haven’t had Spanish in many, many years.  I’m not sure how I’ll be able to communicate with people who don’t speak English at all.  I certainly don’t want to get sick.  I’ll have medications necessary to combat stomach bugs and headaches, but I certainly don’t want to spend my time away sick in bed.  I still need to pack.  I guess that will happen after work tonight.  I’m a little anxious about leaving my wife and son.  I trust that everything will be okay while I’m gone.  But I’ll miss the ability to communicate and to be there to jump in on anything that would arise – even the small things.  I’m super excited as well.  I struggled with sleep last night which I’m sure is normal.  I’m a little nervous about hanging out with teenagers all week.  I don’t know many of these students now, but I’m sure that will change as the week goes on.

As Adam asked the question at our meeting last night.  He commented that it will be interesting to see how these thoughts look after we’ve been to Guatemala.

As I look at many of the thoughts including my own they have such a “ME” focus.  “I’m this…” and “I’m that….”  It’s my prayer that our team is WRECKED by this experience.  I pray that our focus would shift to others first.  I pray that we’d make a difference during our trip to Guatemala.  And I pray that we’d be open to ways that God will transform each of us through this trip which is sure to be adventure.

While I’m away, I have a number of guest bloggers lined up and some other scheduled posts to keep you going.  Please keep visiting here, and be sure to chime in on the conversations sparked by the guest bloggers.  You can also follow the blog of our team at  Someone from our team will be posting here daily – at least that’s the plan.

What are you anxious about today?  What are you excited about today?