Book Review: Wrecked by Jeff Goins

I find it incredible that I would be selected to be part of a launch team for this new book by Jeff Goins right before I head to Guatemala where I’ll be working with a team in conjunction with Adventures in Missions, the organization that Jeff works for when he’s not writing books and blog posts.

Wrecked will disturb you.

Wrecked will give you the splash of cold water on your face or the slug to the shoulder necessary to wake you up.

Wrecked will challenge you to consider how God might be calling you to a new, wrecked adventure.  It will challenge you to process experiences differently.  And the book will challenge you to bring others along with you to help them become wrecked along with you.

I really appreciated Jeff’s new book.  Throughout Wrecked, he weaves stories from his own wrecked past in with truths he has learned along the way.  He writes in a style that draws you in from the first page all the way to his personal story on the last pages of the book.

Jeff makes you think differently about your own experiences.  I have had several stories of wreckage from my past floating through my head as I’ve read through Wrecked.  I’ve also been praying that God will wake me up and wreck me – as I head to Guatemala later this week, as I return home from the trip, and as I go on with my life.  I’m also praying that God will use the Guatemala trip to wreck the lives of those going on the trip (32 including 25 teenagers).  And I’m praying that you’d consider picking up a copy of Wrecked and that it would be catalyst for wrecking your life as well.

Here’s the deal:  You can get the first part of the book for FREE.  Just hit this link.  At the bottom of the page, there are directions for getting the first part absolutely free.  Secondly, I want you to buy the book, BUT WAIT!  Don’t buy it until, you read some information on the book’s website.  If you wait until the first week it comes out (which is supposed to be next week), Jeff will send you over $150 worth of additional Wrecked related items at no charge.  Please go to the website for the book.  Plan to buy Wrecked.  And get ready to discover what happens when a broken world slams into your comfortable life.

Do you plan to read Wrecked?  What’s a good book that you’ve read recently?  How have you been challenged in your reading lately?