December 2012 Top Posts and Commenters

It was another record-setting month on The Stretched Blog with traffic increasing another 3.37%.  I was extremely happy with this considering the typical drop off of traffic during the holiday period between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  As always I like to highlight the top posts from the month.  As you can see from the list below, there were three guest posts in the top 10 and four posts written prior to the month of December.  It’s exciting to see traffic continuing to come in for older posts.

  1. Michelangelo Quote (November 18, 2012) – 221
  2. The Power of the Next Question (May 20, 2011) -100
  3. Musical Stretch (Guest Post by Dan Erickson) (December 5, 2012) – 69
  4. I’d Rather Have A Root Canal (10 Things Worse Than A Root Canal) (December 6, 2012) – 59
  5. Ten Things Every Small Group Leader Should Know (March 7, 2012) – 54
  6. Walking The Tightropes Of Life – Balancing Store And Steward (December 3, 2012) – 52
  7. In The Wake Of The Newtown, CT Tragedy – Turning To The Psalms (December 17, 2012) – 52
  8. Ice Breaker – Top 5 Christmas Movies (November 30, 2012) – 52
  9. Ringing Up Patience at Register Six (Guest Post by D’Anne Hotchkiss) (December 4, 2012) – 50
  10. S-E-X on the Big Blue Bus (A Guest Post by Shawn Smucker) (December 10, 2012) – 48

Also, I like to recognize my top commenters from the month.  For this month, we have a new top commenter – my brother, David.  It’s been fun to have him involved in the conversation.

Thank you to each of you who have made The Stretched Community what it is today.  I look forward to what lies ahead in January and in the year ahead.

If you are a blogger, how was your month of December?  What was your top post?  Share the link here.  Why do you think it was your top post?