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    Christmas for 7000!


    Have you started making plans for Christmas?

    Have you started putting your Christmas list together?

    My wife is getting our Christmas list together.  In fact, she has already started listening to Christmas music.  It seems a bit early to me, but I was reminded by a recent correspondence that it is time to get ready for the Christmas season.

    This brings me to today’s post.  I suppose it is more of a challenge.

    My friend, Dave Sgro, has been working and serving in the village of Santo Domingo Xenacoj in Guatemala for the past several years.  Each year, he has been conducting a Christmas giveaway for the children in the village.  It started out small, and it has grown to a few thousand.  This year, GO Ministries (Dave’s mission organization) has expanded into a nearby village.  They plan to giveaway Christmas gifts to 7,000 children.  This is a major endeavor with tremendous opportunities to touch the lives of children and their families.

    Your help is important to make this happen.  And you’ll need to act fast in order to pull this off for a late December giveaway.  Check out Dave’s video and instructions below for more details.

    These gifts will go to kids I have played with and served the past three years in Guatemala.  You will make a difference if you decide to help out.


    Here’s a list of the items Dave is looking for in each shoe box:

    CHRISTMAS ITEMS (Remove packaging as possible)
    1. Tooth Brushes
    2. Tooth Paste
    3. Combs
    4. Brushes
    5. Marbles
    6. Stickers
    7. Jump Ropes
    8. Plastic Animals
    9. Playing Cards
    10. Nail Polish
    11. Pens
    12. Pencils
    13. Erasers
    14. Rulers
    15. Matchbox Cars
    16. Crayons
    17. Travel Shampoo
    18. Travel Soap
    19. Hair Things
    20. Lip Gloss

    To help you see the impact of past Christmas giveaways, check out this video:

    What’s on your Christmas list?