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      Korv Stage 3

      Korv Stage 3 – Potatoes and onions have been through the grinder. We added the seasonings. Now, it’s time to mix with the meat. Meanwhile, the casings are soaking.

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      Korv Stage 2

      Korv Stage 2 – The meat has gone through the grinder twice. First, it went through a coarse plate. Then, it went through a fine plate. Now, it will go in the freezer while we get the potatoes and onions ready.

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      Korv Stage 1

      Korv Stage 1 – the pork, beef, and fat back are cubed and ready for the freezer.

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      Hannah is being inducted into National Honor Society.

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      Guess Where I Am

      I worked on the building behind this statue for 10 months of my career. Where am I?

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      Lady Liberty

      We’re visiting NYC with the Seeing Eye Puppy Club today. What an adventure!

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