Announcing The Winners Of The Free Advertising Experiment

Last week, I announced an experiment of sorts.  I mentioned that I was going to give free advertising spots on The Stretched Blog main page to three worthy candidates who best answered a question about why the The Stretched Blog would be a good place to promote their blog.  I’m happy to say that I received several worthy “entries”, and I’m excited today to announce the winners of this experiment.

The winners include Michael Shaw, Joe Lalonde, and Bill Grandi.  I have finalized the ad spots with two of the winners which you can see on the main page  (and you can preview below).  And I should have the third ad finalized in the next few days.  Stop back on the main page of the blog to see the ad for Bill’s blog.  Please click on their links and check out their blogs.  All three of these bloggers have become good friends over the past year, and they each have a different twist on their writing which I’m proud to share with The Stretched Community.  Thanks again to everyone who supports the blog.  I”m excited to see how this experiment finishes out!

Do you advertise on your blog?  Do you advertise on other blogs?  What has been the impact of advertising on your blogging experience?  (For more information on advertising on The Stretched Blog, click here.)