Ain't No Rock

Yesterday, I planted three of four shrubs/trees at our house. This turned out to be quite a task. For one, it was in the mid 90s and humid. Secondly, it hasn’t rained here for a while, and we have some of the worst soil known to man. The soil is filled with rocks for at least the first two feet. Despite the effort required to tackle this task, I enjoyed my time outside working with my hands. Times like this give me a chance to think and pray about the things going on around me.

One thing that I was reminded of through all this digging was a passage from Luke 8:1-15 which describes the Parable of the Sower. In this story, Jesus tells about a farmer who sows seeds. Some lands on good soil. Some lands on rocky soil. Some lands on a path. Some lands on ground surrounded by weeds. The seed which fell on the rock grew up but then withered because there was no moisture.

In reflecting further on this passage, I realized that we cannot always control how our “seed” will be received. But just like a farmer works his soil, removing the rocks, adding key nutrients, providing moisture, and making it fertile, we can be diligent in working the soil. Encouraging one another. Providing instruction and teaching. Correcting and rebuking with great patience. Watering with words of wisdom.

Just a few thoughts from a few hours of digging.

Until the next post….