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      Small Holdings Festival

      Recently, one of my office team members invited me to bring my family to a new festival being held in Bucks County, PA.  The First Annual Small Holdings Festival showcased area suburban self starters.  The various exhibitors were regular people who found have found ways to live off the land, to live off the labors of their own hands, and to make decisions that will provide while being good stewards of the earth around us.

      My team member, Eric, spends his spare time running Barefoot Gardens with his wife, Linda.  Together, they take care of a “farm” that serves their CSA and provides for local restaurants who are seeking to serve locally grown produce to their patrons.  Part of Eric’s farm includes raising approximately 100 egg laying chickens.  (Eric has become one of my mentors in the whole chicken farming thing.)  Eric built a chicken coop for the festival.

      Other exhibitors for the festival included bee keepers, cheese makers, gardeners, canning experts, vegetable fermenting experts, bread makers, clay oven makers, and several others.  I was definitely inspired by the talents presented at this festival.  And I look forward to going again next year!

      What inspires you?  If you could try something new, what would it be?