4 Keys To Living Out Your Purpose

Yesterday, we talked about building God’s platform.  We mentioned that this was part of our main purpose.  We brushed by the other part of our main purpose.  We are called to bring glory to God.  AND we are called to enjoy Him forever.

Our purpose is to enjoy God forever.

Did you know that was your purpose?

You and I were made to enjoy God forever.

I think we miss it.  I think we are so busy pursuing our agenda that we miss out on what we were made for in the first place.

What does it look like to enjoy God forever?

This is the question that has been spinning around in my head for a few hours, and I’m beginning to realize that it’s a very important question to ponder.  If this is my main purpose in life, I want to be good at it.  I want to make sure I’m getting it right.

The forever part won’t be fully realized until we get to heaven, but I think there is ample reason to believe we are called to enjoy God now in the lives we live.

4 Keys To Living Out Your Purpose

  1. Acknowledge God’s provision in your life.  Start by thanking God for your food.  Thank Him for you shelter.  Accept that He is all you need.  (Psalm 16:5-11)
  2. Rest in the future hope of eternity with God.  No one knows exactly what heaven will be like.  I believe it will be far more amazing that we can comprehend.  In Revelation 21:3-4, we are reminded that there will be no more death, no more crying, no more pain, and no more mourning.
  3. Recognize and accept the good news of the gospel.  Life can get us down.  We mess up all the time.  We face challenges that send us into a tailspin towards depression.  We need good news.  We have good news.  Christ came to bring us good news (Luke 2:10).  Sometimes we need to remind ourselves.
  4. Do what you were made to do.  Find your God-given passion.  Use your God-given gifts.  And live a life that honors God.  If it’s writing books, do it with all you have.  If it’s cooking food, cook for the King every chance you get.  If it’s teaching, teach with energy and focus.  We find God’s pleasure and our purpose when we follow through on the passions and gifts he has given us.

This clip from Chariots of Fire is worth watching.  It talks about honoring God, and it provides a terrific glimpse into what it looks like to enjoy God and to find our purpose here on earth:

What is your purpose?  How are you living out your purpose?